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What Are Recurring Payments And How Can You And Your Customers Benefit From This Service

Let’s go over recurring payments, what they are, how they actually work, and how, you as a merchant, can accept them as a form of payment.

Firstly, your customer gives you their billing information once, and you will then charge them, on an agreed upon date/duration period that you have both agreed to These automatic payments are generated when your business gets permission from your client to bill them automatically on an agreed upon schedule to pay for a good or service that the client chooses to purchase. Sometimes you will see them referred to as ‘subscription payments’.

Generally speaking, recurring payments can be extremely helpful for you the merchant and for your customer. Your customers doesn’t have to constantly login to your site and enter his payment details to make his scheduled payment , meaning, you the merchant are getting paid on time without having to remind your client, while having a complete payment of what he/she has paid or owes.

Examples of businesses who benefit from this would be utility providers, health clubs, auto insurance, subscription based businesses …. just to name a few.

To accept and process recurring payments, you will need to find a Payment Service Provider who can facilitate this, through their specified recurring payment software. This will then securely store, all the billing details and exact payment schedule, of each and every one of your customers, who chose the ‘ automated payments’ option. This fulfills on time payments for both the merchant and their customers

In conclusion, recurring payments make certain that payments are on time for both your business and customers. This allows your customer peace of mind and has your payments department working in a more efficient manner.

If you would like to hear more, please contact U SWIPE today at and learn how we can assist your business with our Recurring Payments service, that greatly benefits both you and your customers. Also please visit our website for more information at

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