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BNPL For Your Customers

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a form of short term financing that gives consumers the option to make their purchases and to pay for them at an agreed upon later date in the future. In most cases there is no interest, unless a customer is late with their payments or simply fails to pay. BNPL is now becoming a very popular payment option for online shopping.

The merchant will receive the full BNPL payment - excluding the transaction fees - upfront from the BNPL provider, who would then charge the customer in accordance to the agreed upon schedule of repayment.

In other words, the business owner is not actually dealing with the repayments. In actuality, the merchant's customer has a direct agreement with the BNPL provider up until the point that the repayments are complete. The merchant, on the other hand, will have access to the BNPL portal, where they can closely follow the status of their BNPL sales.

In most cases, there tends to be a substantial increase in sales volume due to your business offering this credit option.

BNPL is a method of credit handled by a specialized lender. Your transaction fee will be higher when your customer chooses the BNPL option, but as I emphasized previously, there usually is an increase in sales volume, due to the BNPL payment option.

BNPL options can be added to your checkout page, which gives your online customers more choices, regarding their method of payments, as well as, when they can fully complete their transaction.

U SWIPE's ecommerce platform, integrates very easily with many of the top BNPL providers. Please give us a call today or email us at, so that we can discuss matters further with you and discuss the benefits of BNPL options for you and your customers.

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