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The Benefits Of Working From Home

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Since Feb 2020, we’ve all had to deal with the COVID pandemic and the new normal of the many work venue options available. Working from the office, working from home and the office ( hybrid), working just from home or simply working anywhere, as in ‘anywhere’ in the world .

Today I’d like to focus on just working from home.

One of the big unknowns at the beginning of the pandemic was how were people actually going to react, from having to work from home. No team meetings, no interaction with fellow workers and not being able to meet clients could easily throw one off their game and make them feel, as if some sort of ,chaos had set in .

Two plus years later, most of us now know that we can do our work from home quite easily and in a familiar/non-pressurized environment.

No more setting the alarm extra early to deal with the showering, dressing, ironing, polishing shoes, gassing up the car and dealing with the traffic . At home it’s just waking up, going through your new morning routine minus the rush and make your way to your comfortable home office. You are more rested, less stressed and more relaxed. A great head space to be in to ‘plan your work, and work your plan

Working from home allows you to focus and get your work done. Office gossip and meaningless conversation are no longer factored into your day and you can just focus on the work at hand minus the distractions and small talk . No one is watching over you every moment of the day and we are able to prioritize our day better. We can work on the terrace, in the garden or listening to music, which creates a pleasant work environment

Consequently, with all this new found freedom, you can really enjoy your work day. When you are taking pleasure in doing your work, you will then work more efficiently.

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