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Multiple Currency Accounts

In the e-commerce arena, you are able to sell your goods and services, not just to customers in your very own geographic location, but more importantly, throughout the globe. In doing so, you are drastically increasing the products that you sell and ship, hence increasing your customer base prolifically..

USWIPE makes the handling of multiple currencies, hassle free, for our high, medium and lower risk merchants. This equates to an increased revenue for your business. USWIPE facilitates payment processing for over 25 different currencies, in over 190 countries. Hence, our merchants will be paid in a local available currency, not only for credit card processing, but also Alternative Methods of Payments.

Having USWIPE provide your company with the availability of accessing multiple currencies, will create a user friendly environment and will make it a much more smoother buying experience for your customers, translating into, more sales!! Customers will view the prices on your site in their local currency, which makes it simple and straightforward for them. Just a great way of creating customer loyalty. Your customers will appreciate it to pay in a currency they recognize, which ultimately minimizes customer service inquiries and chargebacks.

With respect to you, the merchant, the amount of the sale will then be deposited in your account and in the in the currency of your choice.

Give USWIPE a call today and learn more about the benefits of having a Multiple Currency Merchant Account that widens your customer base and increases your sales revenue

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