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How To Address Customer Refund Requests

A customer sometimes buys goods or services from you, and then suddenly, they request a refund. It’s happens to all of us, especially for those running online businesses.

Refunds are inevitable for every online business — while they can be frustrating, they are entirely normal. Though you obviously want to avoid giving out refunds as much as possible, pleasing every customer is nearly impossible.

Honoring reasonable and even borderline refund requests will definitely help your business more than hurt it in the long run

When a customer asks for a refund, its crucial to act on it quickly. When your credibility is at stake, you don’t want them to do a chargeback, as it affect your relationship with the bank, nor, do you want your customers saying anything negative about your business and products via the social media. Remember, your credibility is everything.

First off, it’s important to acknowledge the customer’s refund request. Convey to them, that you are focusing on a solution, working as quickly as possible on the matter and that you will get back to them promptly. Then, begin to collect information regarding this specific refund that is being requested. Look through the time stamp and all available business data to see whether or not the customer has a legitimate claim in actually receiving the refund in question.

When communicating with the customer, play it smart and don’t be aggressive, however, don’t be naïve either, as you must make certain the customer is not engaging in credit card fraud. There are a small amount of customers engaging in fraudulent acts, who want to keep the product without paying for it. A thorough and detailed refund policy on your website is a must. When you have something in writing, the customer is less likely to request a refund, if their particular issue is not within the confines of your refund policy. Additionally, a written refund policy demonstrates to the customers that your business has a serious plan and intent to address any refund disputes.

Your refund policy will dictate in how you will handle the particular refund request, as those were the written terms, clearly spelled out, under which the customer made their purchase.

If your customer’s complaint falls within your refund policy, you must refund their money, yet if their claim does not, there is no reason to give them a refund.

Call or send an email to the customer once you have come to a decision on whether you will or will not refund the customer. Following through is key. If you are issuing a refund, send it to the customer immediately with all associated instructions that they will require, if you are not sending out a refund, tell them ‘why’

The purpose of the refund policy is to protect both you and the customer. Good behavior is required from both sides in ethical commercial transactions. Professionalism will take you a very long way.

USWIPE, will always assist our merchants, on how they can best handle the entire process of a refund request, in the quickest and most proficient fashion. By following the above tips, you will be able to handle a vast majority of any refund request in a very professional way .

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