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Gateway Payment

Gateway Payment

Trusted Solution

We have many years of experience as a top notch payment processor, and, have implemented industry leading security standards to protect our merchants and and their consumers. Each and everyone of our payment solutions are PCI Level 1 Compliant and protected with SHA-256 SSL Encryption and proprietary Fraud Scrub and Chargeback Protection technology.

Safe & Secure

At USwipe, we have many years of experience protecting our valued merchants, and as time passed we grew and became more efficient and stronger. Presently, USwipe continues to build a solid reputation in the world e-commerce community, due mainly to our constantly up to date security features which include:: Fraud Scrubbing: Our proprietary Fraud Scrub is a highly adjustable Securely Encrypted SHA-256 SSL: Secure Sockets Layer that keeps your data communication safe at a High Level Compliance: USwipe has been deemed PCIDSS Level 1.

Security Standard

USwipe’s security standards are excessively strict, simply because we believe in protecting the integrity of all our merchants who use our secure payment gateway services. More than 340 million records have been compromised since 2005, and our job is to safeguard our merchants from any dire consequences.

Cost Effective Safety and Security with USwipe

Once data of the cardholder is stolen, a merchant that is not PCI compliant can be fined up to $500,000 per breach, penalized, and n have their ability to be able to accept credit cards terminated. These harsh consequences are especially troubling for smaller businesses that may not have the in-house resources on hand, to deal effectively with online security attacks . A merchant without proper PCI compliance could see their businesses decimated due to a security breach.

Secure Your Business

It’s crucial to secure your business against these type of threats. When using Uswipe as your secure payment gateway, the responsibility of protecting data and maintaining your PCI compliance is on us . Managing your transactions to secure payment processing from Uswipe, makes certain that your business will not need to deal with sensitive credit card data directly, which, protects you from any liabilities. When we take on the risk, you can rest assured, that our security is held to the strictest of standards.


USwipe on a Global Scale

With USwipe, you can relax knowing that your customers’ data is as secure as can be, and that your company is safe from the negative fallout that result from a security attack. This protection comes with an state of the art payment processing product that’s extensive, full featured, user friendly and extremely affordable.

In addition to being cost effective and extremely flexible, USwipe’s secure payment gateway can assist your business to enter into the global market of e-commerce. USwipe can facilitate your transactions using over 160 currencies in more than 190 countries, and, you’ll not need to pay a conversion fee to use multiple currencies. Our affordable and expert solutions have attracted numerous global merchants to USwipe for their payment processing needs.

To get more protection for your eCommerce transactions, choose USwipe. For more information or to sign up for a secure payment gateway solution, contact USwipe today!

Management Tools

In the e-commerce arena, each and every decision, whether it be big or small, that you make regarding, the operations of your business has a pivotall effect on the experience that you and your customers have. When you use Uswipe as a payment processing solution, you get lots more than just your every day payment gateway.

USwipe’s merchant management services are seamlessly integrated with our expert payment processing system, making everything all that much easier for you

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Management Tools from USwipe Business Pro's


USwipe’s Business Pro's, our advanced payment solution system, is ideal for businesses looking to take their online commerce to the next level. With Business Pro's, the merchant management services you’ll receive include charge-back prevention, a convenient tracking interface, a convenient reporting interface, and an easy to use customer database, along with the global payment services and unmatched security device that USwipe is known for. With Business Pro's, USwipe integrates your business with a customized, branded payment submission page that securely will processes all of your transactions smoothly.



For the merchant account services needs of small to medium sized businesses, USwipe offers a quick pay, an easy payment gateway. Our feature quick pay is fast, secure, affordable, and incredibly easy to implement. With quick pay route, your transaction page will be securely hosted on the servers. You’ll still receive a variety of management tools for customer tracking and profit reporting, all in an affordable package that’s ideal for a small business and contains all of our signature security tools and PCI compliance measures.



If your business is in need of an easy payment gateway that offers something more, USwipe’s global payment processing system simplifies and streamlines your business management while allowing you to process payments in over 160 currencies, a very important component that is paramount to succeeding in the online shopping environment. USwipe is a secure, streamlined payment processing solution that’s as simple to implement as is to master. To learn more about implementing USwipe in your ecommerce business, contact us today and be safe.

Improve Your Business Management with USwipe

USwipe specializes in simplifying business with an all inclusive merchant management services as well as the most modern and technologically up to date tools. Our products are highly flexible, enabling you to set up a payment system that works best for your product or service . For example, if your business model relies on recurring bills or subscription pricing, it’s easy to set up USwipe to seamlessly implement this function. USwipe integrates into virtually any existing e-commerce platform, shopping cart, or programming language, making the use of incorporating USwipe as your payment processor as compact as possible. When you add USwipe to your existing e-commerce solution, you’ll be able to see account activity in real time.



Secure Online Transactions with USwipe’s Easy Payment Gateway

Chargeback Protection You Can Count On


One of USwipe’s most crucial merchant account services is protection from an excessive amount of charge-back issues. Charge-backs occur when consumers initiate the return of funds back into their bank account. With USwipe, you’ll get charge-back prevention, detailed tracking and reporting tools, and a convenient customer database. These tools and features are just a few examples of how USwipe aids our merchants to simplify their business management with positive and profitable results.


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