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USwipe's Highway to an E-wallet 

USwipe’s hyper-modern payment processing services aren’t just for merchant accounts.

USwipe has designed a free digital wallet program, e-Wallet, for the your consumers as well.

Why Would You Want An e-Wallet Account - At No Cost To You?

Send Money Anywhere

With an e-Wallet account, you have the ability to send payments from anywhere you have an internet connection. Both our commercial payment processing solutions and digital wallet accounts are protected by PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified security as well as SHA-256 SSL encryption. Our proprietary Fraud Scrub, which monitors transaction details, is made to measure, adjustable, and will minimize chargebacks. There’s is no more secure way to shop online!

Safe & Simple

Making payments with your e-Wallet is both safe and simple . With an e-Wallet account, you enter your payment just once. Afterwards, the information is stored, protected and is secured in our data center. Using your login information, purchases can be made from any of our secure merchants without the aggravation of having to re-enter your payment information. USwipe is trusted within the e-commerce sector, and that same high rung of trust goes to the consumer through our e-Wallet.

It's a wallet you can't misplace or lose!

Cutting Edge Security 

At USwipe, any payment received to your account or going out of your account is safe-guarded by our cutting edge security measures. Access to your e-Wallet can be done via your computer or through our mobile app. Your digital wallet is completely portable and goes where you go.


A great number of global users shop online with an e-Wallet from USwipe. Sign up and get started with your new digital wallet today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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