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Uswipe App


USwipe Application

Global Coverage

As a top tier international payment processor, USwipe is constantly innovating and providing merchants with the most up to date technology, so that their businesses are more profitable and revenues increase. We are pleased to launch our Point of Sale device, USwipe.

Accept Payments Anywhere

Whether you sell products via your mobile or you're an online merchant, you can rest be assured that you'll be able to process all potential sales with USwipe's - Swipe device.

Swipe Features

Payment Application DSS Certified Chip-and-sign technology, the traditional magnetic stripe EMV certification for maximum security and immediate encryption of sensitive data will integrate easily with your Uswipe Mobile App for safe and secure transactions You can promptly send transaction receipts to customer with the click of a button. Additionally is operates with iOS and Android systems. Accept all major credit cards.


With the Uswipe's device, you are able to accept payments quickly and securely anyplace throughout the world. Therefore you are in place to address every potential sale. The convenience of being able to accept payments on your smartphone is just another away you can augment your total revenue and hone in on the impulse buyers. Our rates start as low as 2.25%, which will enable you n to maximize your company profits.


Apply for an USwipe device today and enjoy the comfort!.

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