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Branded Pre-Paid Card


 Branded Pre-Paid Card

Branded | Pre-Paid Card

The FundsToAnyCard (FTAC) program offered through Uswipe

Funds To Any Card

Funds To Any Card

USwipe has a unique payment method; "Funds To Any Card (FTAC) where a businesses is able to send funds worldwide and electronically to the following cards: China Union Pay (CUP)/ Visa Card / MasterCard. 


USwipe advantage is to make payments to  employees, clients, and suppliers worldwide at low cost to you and card holder.

Fund To My Card 

FundToMyCard (FTMC) works in the same manner as “FundsToAnyCard (FTAC)” with the additional functionality of delivering exact amount funding to cardholders.


FundsToMyCard offers a cost effective solution to businesses that need to make payments to employees, clients, and suppliers worldwide

Types of Prepaid Cards


  • Payroll

  • Deposit employee’s net pay directly onto a prepaid card

  • Perfect for the Un-banked, contract, temporary or remote office workers

  • and account or credit checks not necessary

  • Employees can access their wages immediately , that will be loaded in their local currency

Save Up on Setup


  • USwipe multi-currency settlement platform provides simplified global payments.

  • Worldwide connectivity to all major banks and processors.

  • A dynamic currency conversion platform.

  • Real Time Dual Authorization: Giving your finance department at the moment control of all payments Flexible and customized reporting and analytics.

  • In house, IT development permitting us to adapt to the ever changing market.

  • Highly adaptable communications: API, Batch or one-off capability Access your account via desktop, tablet or smartphone throughout the world.

Enhance your customer’s experience

Additional Features

  • An array of Multiple payment options: send funds to a credit or debit card, prepaid card, USwipe E-wallet or any bank account.

  • A safe and secure banking regulated environment.

  • Easy to use interface.

  • Expert and friendly support.

  • Simple and straight forward integration into your existing infrastructure.

  • 24/7 Technical support thru our processing partners.

  • Live chat customer service support.

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